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29 June
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words people have used to describe me
sweet banqin short tempered short moody sarcastic hard headed smart funny dork pretty cool bitch outgoing open minded nice hyper mean stupid crazy mature reasonable conceited independent confident loud ignorant caring sweet lovable adorable jealous hot attitude horny talented lovable histrionic cute lazy stupid nosey trustworthy midget egotistical tiny mad dinosaur lmao (inside joke) ;x

ok mofos.. lets get dis straight
:- dont im me asl
:- dont im me for pix
:- dont im me for your entertainment

:- if u dont like who i am, wut i write about, or basically dont like anythin in my journal.. then u might as well delete me cuz im not changing anything or alternating any of my entries for anybody.. this is about ME not u.. keep that in mind
:- commenting once in a while is a must, u dont have to comment on every post but once in a while is good enuff
:- sometimes life does take over..so dont complain if i dont comment ALL da time
:- i clean up my friends list every so often so i remove friends who dont comment at all or never added me back
:- i will remove u if u dont update your journal after a long period of time 3 months
:- i will not add u if every one of your journal entries only consists of quizzes and surveys and etc
:- dont add me just cuz u want a layout, okie dokie?

rules for layout, icon or blinkie requests
:- be very detailed and specific about wut u want i.e. colors, resolution, font, writing, pics, animation and etc
:- either email me your request or post it in the comments, dont im me about yer request unless im in da process of making it
:- always always always provide da pic, u can either send it to me via email or post it in comments
:- make sure u have a boomspeed account or any web file storage account cuz im not loading your shit in mine
:- i dont do all overrides.. i mostly jus do layouts, icons and blinkies
:- im not a miracle worker, i try the best i can, do not bitch at me if its not the way you wanted it
:- be polite.. using the words "please" and "thank you" never hurt :]
:- and last...dont steal anybody's work, be original
:- be patient, my life comes first beforehand anything.. so dont expect everything to be done the next day after requesting
:- if i find u obnoxious, rude or annoying, im immediately deleting your request
:- all layouts, backgrounds, graphics and icons and some blinkies were made by yours truly =]