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[21 Nov 2002|06:31pm]
[ mood | content ]

hey guys.. well i was debatin on whether or not to make a new layout and stuff cuz i didnt wanna take my baby's background off and it hit me that i should make a NEW one of MY BABY! ahhhhhhhh im soo fucken smart!!* lol =]

so yea new layout with new default icon and a new seperate icon.. i was gettin bored with some of the old ones ;x
anyhoo.. hope ya people have a good day =D

<333333 * Marci`

Marci <3's Twice

...Jo0o0o BeEeEe...

18 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[19 Nov 2002|08:02pm]
[ mood | horny ]

hey guys! well not much of an update.. but i think a new layout is coming soon.. maybe.. i dunno yet.. i dont wanna take my baby's background off cuz i like staring at him when i come here, so still im debating =)

alrighty thats it for now.. gunna go read some journals =D
<333 * Marci`

6 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[17 Nov 2002|04:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

well things are lifting.. i actually went a day without crying and was happy except during a lil mishap at night but it was ok cuz it turned out way way sweet... and my baby made a sign pic for me woot.. its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG @$#%$%#&^% ;]

that's it.. small update today.. gunna go read some journals now.. toodles :]
<333333 * Marci`

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well things are lifting.. i actually went a day without crying and was happy except during a lil mishap at night but it was ok cuz it turned out way way sweet... and my baby made a sign pic for me woot.. its so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG @$#%$%#&^% ;]

<p align=center><img src="http://boomspeed.com/thorogenesis/mybaby_sign.jpg"></p align>

that's it.. small update today.. gunna go read some journals now.. toodles :]
<333333 * <b>M</b>arci`

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25 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[15 Nov 2002|12:05pm]
[ mood | blah ]

wow.. so um.. yesterday was pretty hectic from me, my friend's been missing since 6 pm on Wednesday, rumor has it that she went to a party that night and her boyfriend was there but they were on a break.. they talked a bit and she decided to break up with him right there, he got mad.. shoved her in his car and sped off and she never came home after.. i hope she's safe and well.. i dont wanna be pessimistic but if anything happens to her i'll probably die ;[

other news.. um my boyfriend's ex girlfriend went to his place yesterday and i was really pissed already at the fact she was gonna be there so i got offline andt i went back online to find out she tried to KISS him! argh fucken whore@!@#!$%^& i always had a slight respect for boyfreind's exes and ex's and their current girlfriends, i think i gotta change that.. so FUCK ALL U BITCHES ;x i dont deserve the shit that happens to me.. yea so bein so upset and frustrated i got really drunk last night, talked to my mister at like 4:30 am in the morning cried a bit until he was knocked out so i went to cry some more and drink some more until i knocked out and um now im feelin a bad hang over.. uh... anyhoo gonna go read some journals..byeeeeeeeeeee

<33333 * Marci`

25 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[13 Nov 2002|05:47pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hey everyone, i kno i havent posted for like a week here and im back now.. i think.. things are still a lidul rocky but things can be lifted =]
gonna go read and comment on some journals.. buh bye guys

<33333 * Marci@!*<3 ;D

5 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[05 Nov 2002|08:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

lil update.. not really.. jus wanned to post this pic up.. ROTFLMFAO!!

lololol my baby<333

i was also bored so i was foolin around with my paint shop pro and i decided to color this angelina jolie pic =]
click here to see ;DCollapse )

laters people ;]
<3333 * Marci`

18 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[03 Nov 2002|01:23am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Hey everyone.. jus figured i'll update so i dont have to for the next few days.. so much has been goin on lately.. maybe they're petty shit to some people but they're major to me.. i was so drunk off my ass last night i had to get my stomach pumped in the mornin even tho i vomitted over 7 times.. it started wif my hamster dying on Halloween night.. she was the last gift my father gave me before him and my mom split and thas wen my life jus started slidin downhill.. i miss him and i miss my Perkumz ^i^ RIP ^i^.. on that same night, this gurl Patricia who used to be one of my closest friends IMed me about my ex Tony.. let me jus give u a brief on Tony.. he was my first love, we were together for 8 months, everything seemed so perfect at the time and he would tell me he'd hope we'd still be together until im at least 18 so we can get married and stuff.. well around thanksgiving and christmas i suspected there was an attraction between Patricia and Tony and one night he was drunk at a party and she saw him in a room by himself and made her moves on him (she admitted this to me) and she got pregnant after so i broke up with Tony cuz i wanted the child to have both parents.. i didnt want that child to live with a single parent even though i hated it, i thought it was for the best... and last night Paula was telling me that they was gettin married and having a second child on the way and Tony's never been more happier and that he used me, he aint really loved me at all, i was jus a good score cuz of my good looks.. i was real upset even though i shouldnt be because its in the past and we have this rivalry and she was saying it to get to my head and i dont miss Tony or anything but it makes me think all negative.. im jus a bit depressed and i kno it wont blow over for a couple of days so i wont be updating for a few days, i will be commenting though.. hope everyone's healthy and well


lil update
*i just finished doin uniquecutie's journal.. go check it out!
GO GO GO! =]
*also finished doin babixbrownxeyez's journal too.. i actually made the layout for me but i thought it was perfect for her's so i personalized it gave it to her instead =]

and thanks to those who commented on this entry.. ur advices and support are deeply appreciated guys<33333

41 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[31 Oct 2002|06:00pm]
[ mood | bored ]

wow um lets see.. i feel fine now but my fever still hasn't gone down to below 101 but anyhoo..i've commented on half of my buddies the other day, im goin to finish off the other half today.. i've seen in a couple of journals where they surveyed lj friends and i've decided to do that cuz i wanna kno more about all of u =)

here goes
fave color?
fave kind music?
whats yer best quality/personality trait?

yes dats dat and im officially proud to say i've mastered the art of making blinkies ;]

click here to see blinkies i've madeCollapse )

have fun guys be safe on Halloween <333 * Marci`

20 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[29 Oct 2002|07:07am]
[ mood | tired ]

hey guys, i seem to have disappeared a bit from the livejournal scene the past few days, most of u should know by now that i used to go through everyone's journal and comment on a daily basis, but these past few days my meds has overtaken my body, i get drowsy every time i take dem which means i sleep about 15 hours a day and when i go online im too tired to be in a commenting mood.. so my apologies to my lj buddies.. i promise i will get back on track before the weekend, im gunna start doing that today =]

as for me and my life, things pretty good even though there's still lidul things that would bum me out once in a lidul while, such as my hamster vicki aka perkumz.. i think she's passing soon, she's slowin down on her usual activities and she's giving the usual signs of a dying hamster.. but moving right along.. everything else is great, still sick though, it was supposed to be over in 4 days but i guess my weak immune system makes it take longer but im getting better i believe.. mhmm and as for my baby... my mister has been more than great to me, he's been exceptional ;D
muahs baby iLu<3333333333333
i do believe i have a great weekend coming up ahead for me and him.. yay @ that -prays she'll be 100% better in time for the weekend- screw that! i'm still going! =D

well that's it for today, bubbyez ;]
<3333333 * Marci`

16 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[26 Oct 2002|04:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

wow after dat 8:17 update on yesterdays entry, we had another ugly moment.. he was really mad, but a couple of hours later he ims me and tells me he misses me lol.. our things really never last more than 24 hours (good thing) so as for that im happy :]

i would like to thank all my lj friends for da support these days on my entries and stuff and i love it cuz its from everybody's different point of views, but on sum issues its da same so dat jus tells me none of u people are ignorant so yayyyyy! lol
<3333333 u people, especially MARI, we've practically grown up together and we helped mold each otha into da people we are today, i love u bitch =)

ahh as for everything else, im still sick, but im gettin better as long as nuttin makes my blood boil... my ex jay shouldnt be callin no more cuz i spoke to his brother ramses who i also grew up with about it so woohoo for marci :]

i will also be catchin up on everybody's journals today since i slacked off a bit yesterday so watch out u guys! marci's comin! ;]

<33 * marci

8 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

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