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AOL was very amusing =)

La famousa linda: wha does ur s.n mean eww u heffa
Eww u heffa: it means eww u look like a cow so get outta my face
La famousa linda: wha da fuqq
Eww u heffa: ok u dont seem very bright
La famousa linda: u tha one that named ur s.n eww u heffa and ur saying i dunt seem very bright
Eww u heffa: lol u should talk ur the one IMing me about my sn and what it means
Eww u heffa: when other people can get it without even ASKING Me
La famousa linda: its mean infamous mami
La famousa linda: in spanish
Eww u heffa: i know what it means and im not asking wut ur damn sn means
La famousa linda: well ia int white
La famousa linda: sooo please
Eww u heffa: while i aint white either
Eww u heffa: im spanish u dumbass
La famousa linda: sho u aint
Eww u heffa: lolllllllllll
La famousa linda: u sound white
Eww u heffa: ay necesitas callarte
La famousa linda: u gots an ugly pro
Eww u heffa: lol did i ask u? do i care?
Eww u heffa: no
La famousa linda: too bad i need to tell u
La famousa linda: if i want i can
Eww u heffa: why u tellin me info i dont care about
Eww u heffa: lmao ok
La famousa linda: becuz i feel like it
Eww u heffa: so u got nothin else to pick on so u pick on my pro
Eww u heffa: err ur mother must be proud
La famousa linda: yup
Eww u heffa: of a low IQ parasite like u
La famousa linda: i guess she is
Eww u heffa: mhm
La famousa linda: ur so stupid
La famousa linda: bye
Eww u heffa: negativ.. die =)
La famousa linda: i dutn talk to stupid ignorant hos like u
Eww u heffa: lmao i aint at one bit ignorant
Eww u heffa: u on the other hand
Eww u heffa: lol forget it hahahaha
La famousa linda: just bye
La famousa linda: u stupid
La famousa linda: ass
La famousa linda: ho
Eww u heffa: eh no me hable
Eww u heffa: ty
La famousa linda: yo no quiero habla con tigo
Eww u heffa: so stop FUXING IMING ME BACK TARD

heffa = me la famousa = the tard

i love messin with people like her on AOL, and they claim people's intelligence like hers normal? wow then i must be a fucken genius.. and its funny how u used big words and type correctly wut not then they claim u white, wut they cant have smart spanish people? seriously..

update later at night and comment on everybody tonight and tomorrow, bye people!!!!!@#$#!@$%!#
<33333 * Marci`
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