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Anybody got a blurty? i jus finished my blurty.. im thinkin about deleting my uj cuz the server is retarded slow and im happy with blurty so yea if anybody has blurty.. mine is /~risque

hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday..
but anyhoo my best friend Mari has been stabbed.. let me give u the quick story.. she was the one who i wrote about being missing in my older entries, her ex-boyfriend got really out of control when she tried to break things off with him so he put her in his car and drove her upstate so they can get away from everything and spend "quality time togther to rekindle their flame" or whatever, she came back like last week and put a restrainin cuz that experience had her terrified, he didnt like it, and last night coming home from wherever she was.. she was stabbed 2 blocks away from her house.. everyone's guessing it was her ex-boyfriends doing.. but who cares who's fault it is.. right now im just praying she's ok ;[

iLu Mari and will be prayin for u<333333

thats it for now, laters people
<333333 * Marci`

Marci <3's Twice
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