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haa!! wow this is so outrageously funny.. i dont update a bit.. and i come back to find out one of my own lj buddies took my "erotic vixen" icon and da fact i was nice enuff to comment in her journal offerin to make her an icon if she stopped usin mine was jus way too nice of me but i found in one of her entries where someone commented about how adorable the icon that i made was and this lil twit had the nerve to say thank u and she's tryin to make<- keyword here.. "make" a bg to match.. how the FUCK IS SHE GUNNA MAKE A BG TO MATCH WITH AN ICON THAT SHE NEVER MADE?.. seriously and this gurl asked me to add her last week tellin me my lj rawks and shit? save the bullshit... im thinkin about taggin my name on all my icons but i'd hate to do that.. but then there's people like _piinkdreamer_ who leaves me no choices but to do so.... if u go to read the comments in my nov 17 entry with the sign pic my baby made.. u'll see at the bottom of the icon stealin whore wit her "new icon" in her comment.. -barfs-

u people cant imagine how pissed i am.. im a real nice person and i never try to offend anyone and i trust anyone who knows me and my LJ buddies to kno that already.. but then there's people like her that fuck up or fuck me over...i dont think im wrong at all for my words right now.. blah

hope the rest of u have a good day

<33333 * Marci`
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