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hey people, wow i havent updated in like a week! sheesh, well i havent really been in an updating mood, but here i am, so i hope u guys dont think i'm neglecting you all<3

anyhoo, so my friend Mari's okay although she's on the run from that psycho ex of hers.. -smh- people are so FUCKEN SICK these days =\ yea so nothin much happened with me, im still the same, jus been sick.. yea again..eh .. ;\

oh and i found a box of christmas cards cuz we always buy each year and have a bunch left, so anybody want me to send them a christmas card? lol.. if u do then email me with your address =]

so yea that's pretty much it, i'll get to everyone's journal tonight or tomorrow morning, i said that last time but i never did..err -guilty conscience kickin in- lol ;x

<333333 * Marci`
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