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[16 Feb 2005|06:13pm]
I'm back on LJ, verbals
feel me?

[15 Sep 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | sore ]

um.. menstruating sucks major testis. k thnx.

2 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[12 Sep 2003|11:43pm]
[ mood | okay ]

jesus christ i havent updated here in such a long time. well i've been off journal sites for months actually not just here. i'm back on Blurty during the meantime. i'm currently working on my personal website. i'm also hosting, so anybody wanna be a hostee with html knowledge(not asking you to be an expert) contact me via email // umokno@aol.com. or on aim // m4rci. hope everyone's doing good. well i'll find out anyways after i go through some journals. =]

<3 you all. you were missed.

5 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[09 Mar 2003|07:06pm]
I've moved onto Blurty

yup, its been a full 2 months since i've updated here and i doubt i'm going to anymore, but i'll be keepin this for commenting.. if u got a blurty, thats great.. comment and let me know ;)
12 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[25 Dec 2002|07:08pm]
[ mood | good ]

hey guys i kno its been a while.. things been rocky but um.. overall they're startin to shape up.. jus wanted to update a lil and say merry christmas to all my lj darlings.. i love u all and i hope u had a enjoyed your christmas and happy holidays =]

i'll update and comment tomorrow ;x

<333333 * Marci`
12 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[07 Dec 2002|02:29pm]
[ mood | tired ]

hey people, wow i havent updated in like a week! sheesh, well i havent really been in an updating mood, but here i am, so i hope u guys dont think i'm neglecting you all<3

anyhoo, so my friend Mari's okay although she's on the run from that psycho ex of hers.. -smh- people are so FUCKEN SICK these days =\ yea so nothin much happened with me, im still the same, jus been sick.. yea again..eh .. ;\

oh and i found a box of christmas cards cuz we always buy each year and have a bunch left, so anybody want me to send them a christmas card? lol.. if u do then email me with your address =]

so yea that's pretty much it, i'll get to everyone's journal tonight or tomorrow morning, i said that last time but i never did..err -guilty conscience kickin in- lol ;x

<333333 * Marci`

22 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[30 Nov 2002|12:41pm]
[ mood | amused ]

AOL was very amusing =)

La famousa linda: wha does ur s.n mean eww u heffa
Eww u heffa: it means eww u look like a cow so get outta my face
La famousa linda: wha da fuqq
Eww u heffa: ok u dont seem very bright
La famousa linda: u tha one that named ur s.n eww u heffa and ur saying i dunt seem very bright
Eww u heffa: lol u should talk ur the one IMing me about my sn and what it means
Eww u heffa: when other people can get it without even ASKING Me
La famousa linda: its mean infamous mami
La famousa linda: in spanish
Eww u heffa: i know what it means and im not asking wut ur damn sn means
La famousa linda: well ia int white
La famousa linda: sooo please
Eww u heffa: while i aint white either
Eww u heffa: im spanish u dumbass
La famousa linda: sho u aint
Eww u heffa: lolllllllllll
La famousa linda: u sound white
Eww u heffa: ay necesitas callarte
La famousa linda: u gots an ugly pro
Eww u heffa: lol did i ask u? do i care?
Eww u heffa: no
La famousa linda: too bad i need to tell u
La famousa linda: if i want i can
Eww u heffa: why u tellin me info i dont care about
Eww u heffa: lmao ok
La famousa linda: becuz i feel like it
Eww u heffa: so u got nothin else to pick on so u pick on my pro
Eww u heffa: err ur mother must be proud
La famousa linda: yup
Eww u heffa: of a low IQ parasite like u
La famousa linda: i guess she is
Eww u heffa: mhm
La famousa linda: ur so stupid
La famousa linda: bye
Eww u heffa: negativ.. die =)
La famousa linda: i dutn talk to stupid ignorant hos like u
Eww u heffa: lmao i aint at one bit ignorant
Eww u heffa: u on the other hand
Eww u heffa: lol forget it hahahaha
La famousa linda: just bye
La famousa linda: u stupid
La famousa linda: ass
La famousa linda: ho
Eww u heffa: eh no me hable
Eww u heffa: ty
La famousa linda: yo no quiero habla con tigo
Eww u heffa: so stop FUXING IMING ME BACK TARD

heffa = me la famousa = the tard

i love messin with people like her on AOL, and they claim people's intelligence like hers normal? wow then i must be a fucken genius.. and its funny how u used big words and type correctly wut not then they claim u white, wut they cant have smart spanish people? seriously..

update later at night and comment on everybody tonight and tomorrow, bye people!!!!!@#$#!@$%!#
<33333 * Marci`

13 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[29 Nov 2002|07:45pm]
[ mood | stressed ]

Anybody got a blurty? i jus finished my blurty.. im thinkin about deleting my uj cuz the server is retarded slow and im happy with blurty so yea if anybody has blurty.. mine is /~risque

hope everybody enjoyed their Thanksgiving yesterday..
but anyhoo my best friend Mari has been stabbed.. let me give u the quick story.. she was the one who i wrote about being missing in my older entries, her ex-boyfriend got really out of control when she tried to break things off with him so he put her in his car and drove her upstate so they can get away from everything and spend "quality time togther to rekindle their flame" or whatever, she came back like last week and put a restrainin cuz that experience had her terrified, he didnt like it, and last night coming home from wherever she was.. she was stabbed 2 blocks away from her house.. everyone's guessing it was her ex-boyfriends doing.. but who cares who's fault it is.. right now im just praying she's ok ;[

iLu Mari and will be prayin for u<333333

thats it for now, laters people
<333333 * Marci`

Marci <3's Twice

19 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[28 Nov 2002|09:56pm]
[ mood | okay ]

hope u people enjoy(ed) ur turkey day =)

anyhoo update on the icon conflict..
the girl apologized and wrote an entry in her journal giving me credit for it and took it off.. so im no longer pissed about that.. thank u Ashley<3

i watched the iron giant today.. wut a nice cartoon movie =)
argh i miss my baby right now ;|

oh wells that's it for today.. buh bye :]

<33333 * Marci`

" do we hab to eat turkeyz today? they dont have a mcturkey in mcdonalds? =\ "
10 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

[25 Nov 2002|12:03pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

haa!! wow this is so outrageously funny.. i dont update a bit.. and i come back to find out one of my own lj buddies took my "erotic vixen" icon and da fact i was nice enuff to comment in her journal offerin to make her an icon if she stopped usin mine was jus way too nice of me but i found in one of her entries where someone commented about how adorable the icon that i made was and this lil twit had the nerve to say thank u and she's tryin to make<- keyword here.. "make" a bg to match.. how the FUCK IS SHE GUNNA MAKE A BG TO MATCH WITH AN ICON THAT SHE NEVER MADE?.. seriously and this gurl asked me to add her last week tellin me my lj rawks and shit? save the bullshit... im thinkin about taggin my name on all my icons but i'd hate to do that.. but then there's people like _piinkdreamer_ who leaves me no choices but to do so.... if u go to read the comments in my nov 17 entry with the sign pic my baby made.. u'll see at the bottom of the icon stealin whore wit her "new icon" in her comment.. -barfs-

u people cant imagine how pissed i am.. im a real nice person and i never try to offend anyone and i trust anyone who knows me and my LJ buddies to kno that already.. but then there's people like her that fuck up or fuck me over...i dont think im wrong at all for my words right now.. blah

hope the rest of u have a good day

<33333 * Marci`

21 knows i luv him ':' feel me?

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